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Re: Win4Lin (fwd)

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 10:28:25AM -0600, stephen wrote:
> You wrote:
> > Ok... yeah I just check and it seems that they are writing patch for 2.4
> > kernel but nothing comes out yet. and until I figure out if my UMAX usb
> > scanner and usb logitech webcam pro works under win4lin, I will not buy it.
> The way I understand it, if it works under Linux, then it'll work under
> Win4Lin.


> Win4Lin uses the underlying systems (i.e., printing, networking, etc.)
> to accomplish it's tasks.


> I haven't really tested this fully, but I haven't
> found any device that works with Win4Lin but doesn't work under Linux.

I have found a device which WORKS under win4lin but not under linux:
my parallel port scanner (Visioneer 5200), which is not supported by
sane or any other Linux driver. 

Win4lin has a feature called direct access to ports e.g. a parallel
port. So it does not go through the linux layer, therefore you have
to install the original windows drivers (of course under win4lin) to
make it work.

Hope this helps... -- Viktor 

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