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Re: newbie-esque: how to cut & paste?

will trillich wrote:
> - select text and copy it from console, switch to X, paste into a
>   netscape or konqueror html form field

  AFAIK not possible

> - select text from kwrite, running under kde/X, and paste it into
>   a vim session in 'paste' mode running in a krxvt X window

  select text (you said it works)
  optional: adjust selection using right mouse button
  paste selection using middle mouse button

  in some applications (xterm and other terminal emulators) the
selecting of text does not move cursor and pasting the text does not
move it either (text is pasted wherever the text cursor is not where you
click), in other applications (netscape, ...) it works just like under
windows (selecting moves text cursor and stuff is pasted to wherever you
click middle mouse button).

  if you have troubles pasting text selected in one X app to another,
try using xcutsel (note that there is more than one clipboard in X).

  in addition to that some programs have menus that allow you to
copy/cut/paste (and keyboard shortcuts)

  ctrl-insert works in xterm and some other terminal emulators (paste)

  ctrl-x/c/v works in netscape, IIRC staroffice and I guess in some
other apps as well (these sometime require use of xcutsel)

> - select text from a konqueror file listing within X (say, a
>   collection of file names) and switch to console to paste it
>   into a vim session there...

  AFAIK not possible


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