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RE: Commercial Antivirus for Linux

nice one, i've posted on www.fsecure.com a few hours ago
also check sophos avp and mcafee like someone else suggested


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From: Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira
Sent: donderdag 29 maart 2001 19:13
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Cc: suporte@linuxsolutions.com.br
Subject: Commercial Antivirus for Linux

	Hi all,
	anyone using commercial antivirus for Linux?
	I need an antivirus for email gateway and such.
	What anyone can say about this produt?



                               Real-time virus detection and clean-up for
all SMTP, HTTP, and
                               FTP Internet traffic at the gateway

                               100% compatible with FireWall-1 and most
major firewalls

                               Automatic virus pattern file updates

                               Configures locally via Windows interface or
remotely using a
                               Web browser

                               Supports Check Point Software Technologies'
CVP standard
                               (Solaris and Windows NT, Intel)

                               Optionally blocks malicious mobile code
(Java and ActiveX) at
                               the gateway

                               Supports direct integration with Lucent's
Managed Firewall
                               using Trend and Lucent's jointly developed
content scanning
                               (Windows NT, Intel Only)

                               Optional eManager Plug-in
                               Blocks spam, filters email content, and
manages email
                               deliveries (Windows NT and Solaris HP-UX,
and Linux)

                               Supports Message ID scanning and logging

                               Adds password and user name to FTP download
through HTTP

                               Works  with TVCS version 1.66 and 1.67

                               For integration with Microsoft ISA Server
                               Please see our WebProtect product

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