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Re: debian: size of stable, testing and unstable files

Ilya Martynov <m_ilya@agava.com> wrote:
>RP> If you'd like more precise info about my rsync inclusions and
>RP> exclusions, let me know.
>Can you post your rsync inclusions and exclusions? I've recently tried
>to setup local mirror and I'd like to compare mine rsync setup with
>I want to mirror only i386 and only binaries. I've now next rules. Are
>they right?
>        --exclude source/ --exclude pool/ 

pool/ contains binaries for i386 among other things, at least for
testing/unstable now and I imagine stable in the future, so you'll have
to be more careful than that. --include *_i386.deb?

>        --exclude *-ia64/ --exclude *-s390/ 
>        --exclude *-sh/ --exclude *-alpha/ 
>        --exclude *-m68k/ --exclude *-sparc/ 
>        --exclude *-hppa/ --exclude *-mips/ 
>        --exclude *-hurd-i386/ --exclude *-mipsel/ 
>        --exclude *-powerpc/ --exclude *-arm/

Seems like explicitly including rather than explicitly excluding would
be more robust ...

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Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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