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problems witch x-chat and portuguese letter acentuation!

Hi, to all debian users:

I'm having problems with x-chat and latin caracters.

I don't know how to discribe this well, but here it goes:

in the portuguese language we use caracters like: á, é, í, ã, ç, and some others.

my keyboard is configured in X and in the console has well, the only problem appears to happen in the irc client: xchat (v1.6.4). in wich, the following happens:

any line written by me or other with a "strange" caracter( like those i mentioned before), gets truncated, so that it only appears what has been written before that carecter.

the strange thing is.. the topic field supports everything..i can read those caracters from there perfectly.

can anyone help me out in this.

from: Miguel Sousa Filipe (from Portugal)

p.s.: sorry to all of those whose client's don't support this caracters, or make the e.mail look "ugly", "strange" "messy".
p.s.2: sorry for the lousy English.

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