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Re: How can I start from a terminal instead of gdm

"Andrew D Dixon" <andrew.dixon@seranoa.com> writes:

> Does anyone know how I can start from a terminal instead of gdm?
> When X starts it's locking up my keyboard and mouse so I need to
> disable it on boot up.  I don't have a boot disk (of course) so I'm
> looking for a solution other than the obvious.

You can specify the runlevel to boot after the kernel image. So, for
example, at the LILO prompt (hopefully the prompt is enabled in the
lilo.conf - Does BTW anybody know, why it's disabled in the default
lilo.conf (in Potato)?): LILO: <name> 1.
Which should boot into Single user mode. You could also specify
something like "init=/bin/bash", which would directly start a shell.

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