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Re: quick howto-command questions?

Try something like this:

 /bin/ls --color -w $COLUMNS -F -C | less -r 


 /bin/dir --color -w $COLUMNS -F | less -r

atpoquet@ucdavis.edu (Alexander Poquet) writes:

> Apropos, I have a question: frequently I am in a directory (such as /dev,
> for example) which has more stuff in it than I can see in one screenful.
> Normally I pipe it through less, but am bothered by the 'one file per
> line'-isms that ls spits out in this case.  I understand the necessity
> of this behaviour, but I was wondering, is there some option which
> forces columnated output regardless of the presence of a filter?  -C
> is documented as column-formatting, but it is ignored in a pipe.

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