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RE: ppp configuration problem

If you manually add a route to the gateway on your subnet of the ip address
your assigned, use a x.x.x.1 address, does it work?


> I am having difficulty getting my modem to communicate
> correctly with my
> ISP. The problem is that once connected I do not get a route
> or gateway that
> allows access to the Internet. All pings return network
> unreachable errors.
> The ppp0 interface shows appropriate local and remote IPs
> indicating correct
> connection to the ISP.
> The routing table is empty after the connection is negotiated
> - I am sure
> this is the key to the problem. I have tried 'options' with
> settings of
> proxarp on and off and also defaultroute on and off.
> pppd is configured to start at boot time via the
> /etc/ppp/ppp_on_boot file.
> I am able to dial using pon <provider> and disconnect via
> poff <provider>. I
> must have missed something.
> Does anybody have any suggestions?
> John Davidson
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