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RE: Linux wannabe

Can we please move this linux-boots-faster/windows-boots-faster debate
somewhere more appropriate?

Intellectually stimulating tho it is.

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On 22 Mar 2001, Paul D. Smith wrote:
> There is absolutely no question that Linux (2.2.18) boots _much_ faster
> than Windows98 on my system (homegrown PII 450, 128M RAM); I timed it
> once and Linux was over twice as fast as Windows.

My experience mirrors yours.  On my Athlon 650, 128M RAM, it takes fully
40 seconds longer to boot Windows 98 SE into a usable state (and I
disabled all of the "silly little applets" that I could) than it does to
boot Linux 2.2.18, start a plethora of services, start GDM, and log into

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