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Re: Linux wannabe

If you give RedHat a try you'll just have that inertia keeping you from moving
to debian. I just came from RedHat, trust me, you want to start here if you can.
Go to http://www.debian.org/doc/ and read the installation guide. If it says
things you don't understand, then you might have some problems. But I think
it's worth learning just to get apt (the coolest software install utility I've
ever seen!). If you don't think you can do it, check out
and find your local Linux Users Group. Many have install fests where they'll
put whatever you want on your box for free. And if they don't have one coming
you can go to the next meeting and get tips from them or even get one to help
you one weekend or something...or if your computer is easily moved, you could
take it in.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2001 at 06:32:09PM -0800, Abner Gershon scribbled...
> I just can't take it anymore! My $2000.00 Dell PC with
> 256 meg RAM running MS Windows ME crashes hourly at
> least. I am ready to take the plunge and give Linux a
> try.
> I am a professional but not in computers. Is it
> possible for a mere mortal to install Debian on his
> desktop PC in dual boot configuration with MS Windows?
>  Robin Rowe called the Debian installation, "sys admin
> hell," in March 2001 Linux Journal.  I bought that
> issue to learn tips about the installation but found
> the article too superficial to be of much help.  Where
> can I find/buy simple step by step accurate directions
> for installation of Debian Linux on a PC?  Should I
> give Red Hat a try first?
> Thanks for your replies.
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