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Re: NIC identification

On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 12:52:54PM -0500, Hall Stevenson wrote:
> > I've got a Dell box I'm installing debian on with an intergrated
> > NIC on the motherboard.
> The NIC is likely a PCI device even when it's integrated into the MB.
> So, try "cat /proc/pci" and look for an "ethernet controller" line. It
> will probably give you the chipset it uses which is usually a pretty
> good starting point.

(just to add a bit) If it doesn't tell you the exact chipset, it may
give you a vendor and model ID - there's a good chance you can figure
out the chipset from this.  Just do a search on Google for:

vendor #### model #### ethernet

This has helped me identify many a piece of otherwise unidentifiable
hardware =)


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