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Re: Soundblaster AWE 64 installation and stuff

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Jeff Hornsberger wrote:

> Hi All. Just wanted to say that I've finally got my AWE 64 working, say thanks to
> those who helped me out and document how I got it working.
> The first thing was that I had my BIOS set to PnP OS installed (dumb I know, now I
> wonder how it worked on RedHat?) so once I fixed that I could play waves, but no
> midis and the mixer didn't work. This is the important part: with isapnptools 1.23
> pnpdump only detected the first of the IO ports for the wavetable section so I had to
> add the other 2 (not that uncommon from what I've read), but the hex addresses can't
> have capital letters in them or it doesn't work. I don't know why this is, but
> perhaps the maintainer should look into this because I have read alot of complaints
> about this problem. My isapnp.conf wavetable section now looks like:

yeah - that captial letter one is weird - It seemed to change from the
potato version of isapnp to the woody one, because when I upgraded to
woody sound broke, and I happed to remember something coming up about
letter case in the hex values - everything worked again after making
that modification to the file.

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