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Re: HELP! HW problems, no ablitiy to boot

I was thinking it could be a termination issue, but I have a
terminator on the last connector of the cable.  The setup (which was
working before a drive went) was thus: drive 1, drive 2, terminator
(active, I believe).  Drive 2 is the one that died so there is a non-
used connector between the terminator and drive 1.  The drives are
SCA-2 drives, so I have to use an adapter and actual terminator since
the drives do not appear to be self-terminating.  Would that unused
connector between drive 1 and the terminator be the problem?


> <cut a lot of text>
> Which scsi unit in the chain terminates the scsi chain? In my
> it is a jumper setting on scsi devices in pc parts. The last device
> the chain has to be terminated. I've booted and run whithout
> but the system were very strange (ie a scsi cd-rom dissapeared).
> This was the best url I found with just skimming through it.
> http://www.wdc.com/products/drives/drivers-ed/scsiterm.html
> Bjarne

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