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Re: Realplayer: You are running in non-interactive mode...

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 11:18:43PM -0800, kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:
> When trying to install/update Realplayer, I get a dialog screen during
> installation saying:
>     The Real Player installer cannot proceed.
>     You are running in non-interactive mode, and the Real Player
>     installer needs to prompt you to download a file for it to install,
>     and cannot.  The installation of this package has been aborted.
>     Please re-install it in interactive mode.  
> Um.  Non-interactive mode of *what*, exactly, and how the fsck do I go
> to interactive mode?

Could be debconf configured to use non-interactive interface.  Maybe try
"dpkg-reconfigure debconf" and change it to your preferred interface.


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