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question on Debian Official CD image

Dear all,

I want to make Debian 2.2r2 i386 Official CD and I've download
binary-i386-1_NONUS.iso and the md5sum is correct.

I burnt this image to CD-R using HP 8230e CD writer and 
Easy CD creator 5, no error was reported.

But I found that a lots of packages/files in this CD are actually
files which are zero-sized, and of course the md5sum of these
files do not match with the md5sum list on the CD.

I've checked the corresponding packages on the debian ftp server,
and it seems that the ftp server reports incorrect size also.
One example is automake_1.4-8.deb:


The server 'says' that the size is 41 but it is actually 275k. Why?

Is my Official CD alright?


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