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Re: Strange things happen when reading from CD-ROM

On Thu, Mar 08, 2001 at 06:41:06PM +0100, Christoph Groth wrote:
> That's what I thought, too.  Do you think that connecting the hard
> disks to ide0 could make any difference?

It shouldn't, but I've seen stranger things.

> The Samsung is slave - can the slave slow down the master?  And
> besides that old Samsung drive is only used for crap like the windows
> partition for my little brother.  I don't want Windows to befoul my
> nice new drive... :-)

Yes, the slave can slow down the master, but on newer controllers, that
will only occur if the drive is being accessed.  Older controllers used
the restrict the speed of the channel to that of the slowest component.
I believe most new controllers have independant timing for each device.
If you don't use the Samsung in Linux, it's probably not too much of a

> It would be mechanically impossible to connect all the drives in any
> other way using the chassis and cables I have.

36" IDE cables are your friend.... ;)

> I will try it, but the problem doesn't seem to be interference, as the
> sound output really gets _slower_ and not just noisy.

Interesting.  I missed that on the first post.  It sounds like a
CPU/Resource problem.  What are the DMA settings for your sound card?
Does it use a DMA channel?

> I have (or had) win95 on my second drive and I didn't experience any
> of the problems there nor did my brother complain about noisy sound
> while playing games.

This definitley lends credence to the software problem theory.
Unfortunatley, my Linux skills are nothing compared to my general
hardware skills, so I can't offer you too many suggestions on hardware
tuning and troubleshooting drivers under Linux.  Have you tried compiling your
own kernel?  Did you mention what version you're using, I can't
remember.  You could always try and move to 2.4.  I'm running 2.4.2
under both sid and potato (with a few other upgraded packages) and it's
working great for me.

You might want to search the web, deja (oops, it's gone), newsgroups,
docs, etc, for any errata noted with your specific brand of sound card
and modem.

Steven Dickenson	<steven@usermail.com>

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