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Re: woody installation

Forrest English

"When we have nothing left to give
There will be no reason for us to live
But when we have nothing left to lose
You will have nothing left to use"

> Tru64, and IRIX are also high on the list of difficult to install(even with
> instructions). there are companies that provide a user friendly frontend to
> debian for the newbie, corel's spinoff(?) is one and there is another..forget
> the name though i dont think its out of beta. ease of installation is the
> last thing im interested in, afterall you usually only install it once. and
> never see it again.(i can't remember the last time i used deselect either)
> Most "newbies" can't even get by in installing a basic version of win9x or
> NT or win2k.

what you're thinking of here is progeny i belive.  or possibly libranet,
or storm.  i've only tried storm, which is quite nice.  but, progeny will
probably turn out all right if ian murdock is involved.   libranet used to
charge for their cds.  which was nuts.  so i had no interest in trying

at this point i'd turn my desktop into a progeny install... except that my
desktop is unstable, not potato which it must be to apt up to progeny.

anyhow, just thought i'd throw that in there...  that
and..  corel?   gag.  i have never seen a less userfriendly linux distro
ever.  well, maybe redhat....

Forrest English

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