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Re: Vim: underline. subscripting etc

on Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 02:13:57PM +0000, Ibraheem Umaru-Mohammed (ibraheem@micromuse.com) wrote:
> Hi,
> How does one do things like underlining and subscripting under Vim? I had a
> look at the manual, and read up about term caps, but can't seem to get it
> working under xterm.

With a markup language:  html, groff, LaTeX, DocBook, etc.  Most of
which are slightly better supported under Emacs than vim, though you can
use any plain text editor.

If you want a light-to-heavy-duty word processor, look to:  ted,
abiword, lyx/klyx, the KDE office suite, or OpenOffice.

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