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Re: apt-get sometimes hold packs back on upgrade

on Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 03:19:59PM +0100, Raffaele Sandrini (rasa@gmx.ch) wrote:
> Hi
> If i run "apt-get upgrade" it does hold some packages back eg. perl 5.05... 
> (???) I ment that woody uses perl 5.6 and not the older version... What does 
> that mean, that apt-get holds the packages back and why does it do this?

It means that dependency resolution works.

Your current package configuration, and available upgrade packages,
conflict with existing versions of some package.  Until the dependencies
are resolved, the older version of the package is retained -- the
package is "held back".

Typically, these issues resolve over time.  You can force updates (and
risk conflicts) by using apt-get or dpkg manually on a specific package,
see man pages.

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