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No controlling TTY

"You have no controlling tty.  Cannot read passphrase.
lost connection"

Last month I asked about this error w/ regards to x11-ssh-askpass. Basically 
I've narrowed the problem down to wdm, X, and all the apps running in X don't 
have any tty.  Exactly what the error says oddly enough :).

All of my /dev/tty* are chmod 666 and scp/ssh work from an xterm or vt.

When I do a ps aux the TTY column is '?' where as the regular vt's and the 
apps running in a vt  are a tty1 and so on. I am curious as to what others see 
when doing this. (try M-! tty from emacs.) This appears to be the problem. 
With no tty against the xclients, x11-ssh-askpass can't work.

Does anyone have and ideas?

Lance Levsen, Programmer
Product Innovation
PWGroup - S'toon.

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