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Re: help...

also sprach Rick Rezinas (on Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:19:45PM -0800):
> > any ideas? Also, is there a nice gui or easy command line program to change
> > the ip and info of a machine I set-up at work but am taking home? Thanks in
> > advance,any info or url would be cool.Gotta say, I LOVE DEBIAN......

... which is why you shouldn't even think about a "nice gui". "nice
guis" are provided by suse and by redhat, debian strives to *not*
provide a gui for everything. because any gui that is "nice", by
definition, must undo some of the complexity. and to be honest,
complexity in config files is where the power stems from.

so you really want to

man interfaces

and cook up a shell script of your own which will let you quickly
switch networks.


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