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Re: Looking for an auto answer system

on Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 08:05:09PM +0100, Matthias Wieser (hias@sbox.tugraz.at) wrote:
> Does anybody know of an auto answering system, that should work like the
> following:
> you use a bit simplified language, and the system tries to answer it. if
> it can not come up with a correct answer(you probably have to tell it:
> no not that answer) It will add the question to queue of unanswered
> questions.

Ask Jeeves?


This is an area of much research and (some) success.  I believe Ask
Jeeves is probably one of the more successful and widely known instances
of such a system.  There's also tools such as the FAQOMATIC (sp?),
referred to on the Debian website, similar types of tools have been
around for a while.

> This way a mailing list would have less trafic and often answered
> question would just be automatically answered.
> has anybody set up something like that / knows if there is a free system
> around.

Frankly, all such systems are largely limited by three constraints:

  - The intelligence of the user asking the question.
  - The richness of the solution database.
  - The intelligence of the automated response algorithm.

The problem is nontrivial, and efficacy is largely limited.  The
suggestion to use Google is probably a best, low-cost, first
approximation solution.

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