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Re: newbie ???

Hi, and welcome to debian

this is the correct list to call for help concerning debian. Somewhere in
the world someone will usually know the problem you're talking about.

You can either:

<if you have a bootable CD-Rom you don't need a rescue floppy:>

1) boot the installation CD-ROM and type at LILO's prompt:
rescue root=/dev/your_drive
then press enter and this should work
2) if for some reason this didn't work: boot normally on the install
cd-rom, and when you see the installation prompting you for info and all,
press Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get a console.Then
"mount /dev/your_linux_root /target"  <= this allows you to access your
linux root filesystem under /target, so /etc becomes /target/etc, etc...
"chroot /target"  <= this changes the root so that /target becomes the new
root. After this you can also do mount /usr , mount /var , etc if you need
"lilo" will read your /etc/lilo.conf and reinstall lilo. If necessary, you
can modify /etc/lilo.conf with a console text editor called 'ae'.

<if you don't have a bootable CD-Rom>

3) install loadlin.exe , it's an msdos program that allows to boot linux.
 you need to find a compiled kernel , put it on your win partition
 install loadlin then boot as MS-DOS and:
 cd linux (assuming you put linux-related stuff there)
 loadlin zimage root=/dev/your_linux_root_filesystem ro

where zimage is the kernel you found and /dev/... is where you put your
linux root filesystem and finally ro to mount it as read-only.

Good luck,

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Subramaniam Aiyer (CTS) wrote:

> hi ,
>       i have just joined this mailing list.in fact i have just loaded debian
> yesterday at my place.now the problem i am facing is that i have some how
> deleted the lilo option using lilo - u (ooops) and to make matters worse i
> did not make a boot floppy either. hence, what's happening now is that i
> always boot into windows. is there a work around or should i reinstall it
> again?
> also if this is not the correct mailing list pls inform me so that i can
> unsuscribe.
> thanx in advance,
> subu
>                                                                    p.s : i
> will be known as INDSpeedFreak from next time :)

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