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Re: P2P Networking Question

Jason Nord wrote:
> >be sure both machines have ips on the same network, be sure both
> >machines are using the same subnet mask, be sure the cable is the
> >right kind and/or be sure your hub/switch works.
> They have consecutive IP's ( and .2), and they're connected with a crosswired UTP cable. Mask is on both boxes.

thats good. it should work then. if it does not i suggest installing tcpdump
the linux box and doing

tcpdump -i eth0

then from the win32 box ping the linux box see if anything comes up on the
running tcpdump. if not then:

from the linux box, ping the IP of eth0, if it responds good, if not you have
from the win32 box ping the IP of the ethernet card, if it responds good if
you have problems

ignore any workgroup/domain/computer name shit. that is not part of TCP/IP and
affect ping in any way. doesn't matter what they are set to.

verify the cable is working as well by using it between 2 other systems.
if it still does not work ...
ifconfig eth0 >/tmp/diagnostics.log
route -n >>/tmp/diagnostics.log
uname -a >>/tmp/diagnostics.log
lsmod >>/tmp/diagnostics.log
lspci -v >>/tmp/diagnostics.log

and copy the contents of that file to an email to the list. you may need to
install the packages 'pciutils' and 'tcpdump' via:

apt-get update ; apt-get install pciutils tcpdump

in order to use them .. now if your ethernet card is ISA(shudder) don't
bother with the lspci stuff :)


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