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Re: P2P Networking Question

>be sure both machines have ips on the same network, be sure both
>machines are using the same subnet mask, be sure the cable is the
>right kind and/or be sure your hub/switch works.

They have consecutive IP's ( and .2), and they're connected with a crosswired UTP cable. Mask is on both boxes.

>any basic networking book/page will describe this.

I'm probably not looking on the right pages. All i've been able to find are examples of a win <-> win and/or a nix <-> nix setup.

>no special setups to enable TCP/IP communications between a win32
>and a linux system.

Windows 9* (probably win2k too) have a "workgroup" setting, I was wondering what the equivalent setting would be in Debian.   Below are what the boxes are configured to:

** Windows **
Computer name (host i presume):  "venus"
Workgroup:  "workgroup"
Gateway: none

** Debian **
/etc/networks: localnet -
Hostname:  "mercury" (original huh ;))

Any help would be and IS greatly appreciated, I've set up win95 <-> win95 p2p networks before, but this is driving me nuts.


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