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Re: X Setup

Jesse Lee wrote:

I installed X windows 4.0.1 and all the packages (including debconf).
I got no dependency errors(I downloaded ALL files for X from the website). The config program never ran. I've even tried reistalling and dpkg-reconfigure. XF86Setup and XF86Config do not exist. This is a fresh install of debian 2.2r2 with only the base installed (ie no extra packages). I've installed 4.0.1 before without any trouble. Debconf came up without a hitch (much better than XF86Setup).

Any idea on how I can get X setup??

any help or ideas are greatly appreciated

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No thanks.

I've found that lately I don't always get a complete upgrade when I use apt-get, but if I use dselect (Upgrade, Select, Install), everything gets installed/upgraded that I was expecting. I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong with apt. Perhaps if you're not using dselect, trying that might solve the problem. Just a suggestion . . . .

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