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Re: apt-get package listing question

try apt-get update

first before apt-get install unzip

possible there is a newer version and the packing listing you
have is outdated.


On Fri, Feb 23, 2001 at 07:39:03PM -0500, Brian Nelson wrote:
> I'm new to Debian, and I have a question about apt-get and why some
> files are missing from its listing.
> Recently, I needed to use unzip, but it wasn't installed on my system. 
> So I tried 'apt-get install unzip', but it said the package was listed
> in the database but was empty/obsolete/or whatever.  Confused, I tried
> 'apt-get install zip' and that worked fine.
> So I went to the package search engine on debian.org and searched for
> unzip.  It found copies in every distro (stable, testing, unstable).  So
> I downloaded the deb and installed it.
> But, why wouldn't it show up with apt-get?  I had done 'apt-get update',
> and had a couple different listings pointing to testing in sources.list.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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