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I had previously ask how to get Black Box as my window
manager and was filled with more information than I
expected and was able to change from ICEWM-GNOME to
Black Box... everything was good.  Well the kid came
out in me and was wondering what the other window
managers looked like, ie AfterStep, WMmaker. etc so I
exited as user and logged in as root, did a
update-alternatives --config x-window-manager and
selected WMmanager.  Typed startx and the WMmanger
opened up, but my system was froze, ctrl-alt(F1, F2,
F3), alt (F1, F2, F3 etc), ctrl alt Backspace, ctrl
alt (+) or (-), or ctrl alt del did nothing this thing
was froze, and this happens a lot...all I can do is
turn off the power and restart it. I again did a
startx as root and was froze again, on the next
restart I logged in as user and was froze.  On the
next go around I logged in as root did the update
-alternatives --config x-window-manager and selected
IECWM-GNOME and everything was ok. I am able to change
the window manager from the ICEWM menu it will go to
the window manager that I select, but, if memory
serves me correctly, when I shutdown and do a restart
I'm froze again. I have maybe 6 different window
managers on this system.  I don't know if this is
related but I have edited the user ~/.bashrc so that
it will ask for verifiction when I mv, cp or delete
and it is not functioning either.  Should I delete all
of the window managers except the one that I want to
use ie Black Box or what... any and all help is a
appreciated and a education.
Sorry for the length of this.

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