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Re: Multi dos booting

Multiboot DOS is problematic.

I could do it with some Japanese version DOSs but I have heard
many times the other DOS partition is best changed to hidden 
partition which is not visible from the active DOS partition.

Many multiboot MBR does this on the fly but not lilo.

I uses to use GAG for this type of work, nice mbr for this


There is English page.

Install lilo to /dev/hda1 etc. replae Debian mbr with GAG.

Graphical and GNU


On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 10:09:58PM -0600, destruss@rconnect.com wrote:
>  I am trying to use lilo to boot 2 partitions in hda that
> are both using msdos. One win 95 and one win 3.1.
> Can someone point me to a fm so I can rtfm or a 
> something? TIA    Dean
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