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RE: NEWBIE: modules compiling

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, Joris Lambrecht wrote:

> If i were you i'd upgrade to kernel 2.4.x since it has muuuch better laptop
> support. Compiling the kernel with 'make menuconfig' seems to be the most
> reliable way to compile any required packages you might need.
> Give it a go, it' reliable/modern and feature rich.
> Joris

ok i will try 2.4 but I am still with the same question...
I recompiled my kernel using 'make menuconfig' and in the config i asked
the PCMCIA features and others to be load as modules.  So, now that my
kernel is working I have to recompile the modules to work with that
kernel, isn'it ?
And i wondered if there was a "debian way" of compiling the modules...


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