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Re: sblive

I was having similar problems until I tried creative's drivers. You can get 
them at http://opensource.creative.com
Just compile you kernel with modular sound support and support for the OSS 
sound modules without selecting the emu10k1 module. Reboot with the new 
kernel and then build the creative drivers and they should work.

Good luck,


On Monday 26 February 2001 00:45, Alexander Pott wrote:
> Can anyone help?
> I am having trouble setting up my sblive.
> When I use lsmod I can see that the emu10k1 driver is loaded but is
> unused. The soundcore module is also loaded.
> When I list the pci device the sblive is there and using the correct
> irq.
> But when I use a program like gcd to play an audio cd I can't hear
> anything. I have used gmix to set the volume levels so it is not that.
> Also when I use cat /dev/sndstat it doesn't show any drivers loaded.
> What am I doing wrong?

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