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Tbackup anyone?

A long time ago, back in the days when I used slackware, I used a
backup program called "tbackup".  I have been looking for the Debian
package of it and can't find it!  Is it not packaged?  From memory it
was quite a good program.  I can't think why it would not be packaged.
It is released under GPL.  I haven't yet been able to find any other
programs with quite the same functionality.  Is there something else

I have included a description of it.



              Title = Tbackup
              Version = 0.9
              Desc1 = Tbackup (three backup) is a user friendly, fault tolerant
              Desc2 = package for making backups of a Linux filesystem. It is
              Desc3 = primarily designed to make multi-megabyte backups to a set of
              Desc4 = floppy disks. It has incremental backups, backup indexes,
              Desc5 = selective restore, error correcting codes, and more.
              Author = Koen Holtman
              AuthorEmail = koen@win.tue.nl
              Site1 = ftp.win.tue.nl
              Path1 = /pub/linux/tbackup
              File1 = tbackup-0.9.tgz
              Site2 = sunsite.unc.edu
              Path2 = /pub/Linux/system/Backup
              File2 = tbackup-0.9.tgz
              Required1 = gcc, fdformat, gawk, gzip, afio version 2.4.2 or higher.
              CopyPolicy1 = GNU GPL
              Comment1 = Tbackup can make compressed archives, and unlike tar+compress
              Comment2 = it can still deal with them if they are partially damaged.
              Comment3 = Includes mtools 2.0.5 for internal use.
              Keywords = tbackup backup floppy disk fault tolerant afio
              Entered = 26APR98
              EnteredBy = Koen Holtman
              CheckedEmail = koen@win.tue.nl

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