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Debian 2.2 and Linksys LNE100TX - problems

I am installing Debian 2.2 for the first time (on a dual cpu box) and 
have run into a problem with my NIC.  I have a Linksys LNE100TX, which 
I understand uses the Tulip module.  During setup, I tried to select 
the Tulip module to install, but I got an error saying that the "device 
is busy" and something about IRQ and IO (not at home right now).  Am I 
missing somethere here?  How can I get this card installed?

I will be compiling a new kernel to add SMP support - when I do, is 
there anything special I will need to do to make sure the NIC works?

I'm a new Linux user, so be gentle...  :)


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