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Re: scsi emulation

>     In xconfig, I selected generic scsi support, scsi emulation, and scsi

I have this modules:
sg                     11776   0  (autoclean)
loop                    7584   0  (autoclean)
sr_mod                 16552   0  (autoclean)
ide-scsi                7156   0 
scsi_mod               49968   3  (autoclean) [sg sr_mod ide-scsi]
ide-cd                 22904   0 
cdrom                  26332   0  [sr_mod ide-cd]

And all is working great..  

you need this: (I am cutting and pasting take care it could contain some

Sect.  Description                 Module     IDE   
  BLOCK  Enhanced IDE/MFM/RLL...                 Y
  BLOCK  IDE/ATAPI CDROM             ide-cd      M
  BLOCK  SCSI emulation support      ide-scsi    M
  BLOCK  Loopback device             loop        M
  SCSI   SCSI support                scsi_mod   Y/M
  SCSI   SCSI CD-ROM support         sr_mod     Y/M
  SCSI     Enable vendor-specific               Y
  SCSI   SCSI generic support        sg         Y/M
  FS     ISO 9660 CDROM filesystem   iso9660    Y/M   
  FS     Microsoft Joliet cdrom...   joliet      Y    

But read the HOWTO there you have all better explained.. you need the loop
device to test the iso image..



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