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Re: Senior Project


I have a 486DX with 12MB which works perfectly. It serves BIND, SSH,
telnet, firewall (well, not well configured yet), ip-masq, smtp and
pop3. Now it serves for three people to share their internet on an ADSL

The only thing with which I notice slow processor is when I ssh or telnet
to it and read mail on it. So, if you do not need this, the machine serves
But for installation, playing and research you can better use a more up to
date computer. Installation and reconfiguration takes a looooooooong time.


On Wed, 21 Feb 2001 eileen@orbell.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am doing my Senior Project shortly for my degree and have decided that I 
> would like to build a Linux firewall which also is configured for IP 
> Masquerading and DNS using Bind.  I really just wanted ideas from some of 
> the more experienced users on this list who have done the same type of 
> setup for themselves.
> Currently I have a Debian server and have access to 2 static IP 
> addresses.  I also have a Windows 2000 box and a Windows NT4.0 box and the 
> current network is using a Linksys router.
> I would be using probably a Pentium 100 with 48mg ram as my firewall PC 
> which has 2 ethernet cards.
> But I wonder if I should consider using my current Debian server which is a 
> Pentium 500?  As you can see I am quite unsure as to the best approach to 
> this project. I do appreciate your comments and maybe a helping hand in 
> guiding me in the right direction. I might add I have no firewall experience.
> Regards
> Eileen Orbell
> Software & Internet Applications
> Capitol College
> mailto:eileen@orbell.com
> mailto:eileen@orbell.net
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