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Re: Kernel compile comments

Hey, give the guy a break.  Of course he's aggravated, although it may
be that only a little RTFM would clear things up.

Personally, I've built a number of kernels on stable systems, and have
not run into these problems.  However, I tend to have a full
development environment setup.

David, there is a package (called "kernel-package"!) specifically for
building the kernels--that is, distinct from the source package.  As
others have mentioned, it and its readmes should help things to go
smoothly.  But it sounds as if you may need to get some other
packages also.

Debian has "regular" executable packages (apt-get install xxxx) and sources
for them (apt-get source xxxx).  The kernel is unusual in that there
are a bunch of things packaged as "regular" packages that in fact have
source (kernel-source*).

By the way, can anyone explain why it is necessary to have all the
   * kernel-image, with their sources
   * kernel-source
   * kernel-package?
I'd think only 2 would be necessary--for example, why not just use the
source for kernel-image, and ditch kernel-source?

Hmm.. I may have found the cause of the original problem.  For stable
(potato), libncurses5-dev is listed only as a suggested package, not a
dependency (kernel-source-2.2.18pre21).  Apparently only suggested
because it's only required for the graphical versions of make config.

for more info.  I think the paragraph at the top clarifies which
packages you will need.

On Sat, Feb 17, 2001 at 10:55:06PM -0500, David B. Harris wrote:
> # Comments or suggestions welcome but it looks like I have wasted my
> time and
> # should have stayed with RH
> With an attitude like that, you should have stayed with Red Hat. Or
> better yet, Windows. When you having nothing installed other than
> Windows, Office, and Internet Explorer, it's fairly stable.
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