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Re: cannot forward X11

Erdmut Pfeifer <e.pfeifer@science-computing.de> writes:

> not sure, but it may have to do with your firewall settings...
> Direct (non-tunneled) X connections use the port range 6000+N (where N
> is the display number, i.e. :0 = 6000, :1 = 6001, ...), so packets
> destined for these ports need to be routed correctly.
> Can you establish an X connection through an ssh tunnel?
> (you probably know that you don't need to / should not set the DISPLAY
> variable yourself when using ssh to forward X, as it's doing it for
> you)
> Erdmut

Yes, I do not export the DISPLAY explicitly when using ssh.  Rather, I
use the -X option.  However, that was not working, so I attempted to
explicitly set the DISPLAY environment variable.

It is strange, though, because I can export the DISPLAY from the
firewall BSD box to a RH6.2 linux box at my work.  Perhaps the fact
that the Debian box is on an internal network has something to do with
it?  I doubt it, but I figured I would mention that fact.

Any other ideas?


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