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Which computer to buy ?

Hello, Antonio!

	IMHO, you should buy Intel, since AMD chips don't do floating point operations adequately (these are important in graphics), unless you only 
plan using your computer for desktop application (e.g., StarOffice). In terms of desktpo applications, there's no difference between high-end PIIIs and not-
so-fast PIII (say, 800 MHz). If you would like to use Linux desktop appilcations (GNOME, KDE, etc.), consider buying 128 M RAM.
	For your video card, the most common ones sold in Brazil should work (S3 Trio 3D/2X, for instance). Check www.xfree86.org and choose your 
video card hardware first (so you don't get terrible headaches later)
	If you're buying a printer, you should know that HP has promised to release Linux drivers for the Deskjet family this semester, so it might be 
worth waiting, IMHO.
	Anyway, nowdays lots of hardware willl work with Linux.
	Best reagards,

	Henry L.

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