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Re: Newbie

At 01:01 PM 2/13/01 -0600, Kent West wrote:
Robert Tucker wrote:

Ok.... I don't know what I'm doing...
I would surely appreciate if you would point me at the correct files I
need to create the boot disks I need to install Debian (first time,
obviously) and... I am wondering if after that, can I create my own cd's
and install/undate(?) with them? I know this is handholding but I'd like
to get it right the first time. My computer is a PII and I'm using W95.
I'm very frustrated with the lack of reliability with Windows and I see
Linux as a much better choice of OS. My only concerns are Internet and
website. I use DSL and it is my understanding that this is not a problem
so the other seems to be my real concern. What do I do for managing my
website? All pointers will be greatly appreciated.

If you'll go to http://www.debian.org, on the left hand side you'll see a link that says "Installation Instructions". From there, you'll need to choose what language (English, Croatian, etc) and what type of doc (html, txt, pdf, etc) and what architecture (Macintosh, x86, etc). Then you'll find pretty comprehensive instructions for doing the entire install; one chapter deals with making boot floppies (section 5.5).

You can download the CD images and create your own CDs. I've never done that, so can't give any details. If you are going to burn a CD anyway, and your computer supports booting from CD, I wouldn't even bother with the boot floppies; installing from CD is much easier.

I've got a friend with Linux on DSL, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm not really sure what's being asked about managing your website. However, I can say with 98% assurance that anything web-based, you can do with Linux much better than with Windows.

hell, with DSL...just boot with the floppies, and install via ftp. that's the way i usually do my installs...

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