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Is gnome-audio dead?


Before filing a bug on gnome-audio, I did what any good debian user
would do and checked whether that bug had already been filed. It turns
out there are four bugs filed against gnome-audio, from almost 2 years
ago to about a year ago. They are all the same bug, the one I would
have reported. Namely, some of the sounds which are supposed to be
supplied in this package aren't. I found James' reply that these
sounds don't exist in the upstream package, but I think #59699 still
It seems like the default settings shouldn't refer to files that don't
exist: either leave the setting empty or add an actual sound, or at least
don't suggest installing gnome-audio when I already have it installed.
Of course I suppose that could be reported against a different package
I tried searching the list archives but a search I started half an
hour ago has yet to complete (at

Any information would be appreciated.


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