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Re: Sig 11 in X4.02 using Matrox G450

Damon Muller <dm-debian-user@empire.net.au> writes:

> Hi gang,
> After having bought a spanking-new Matrox G540 video card, I'm not able
> to get it to use drm/dri for accelerated 3d. This is mildly annoying, as
> I went and bought myself an expensive video-card so I could see the cool
> OpenGL XScreensaver hacks!
> I'm using X4.02 from testing (as of tonight), but the same happens with
> the same packaged built for potato. If I run it in 24-bit depth, X
> starts fine, but there is an error message in the logs saying it'll only
> do hardward-accelerated drm in 16bpp (<rant>why do I have 32 #%^! megs
> of ram in my video card if I can only do 3d in 16bpp!?!</rant>)
> Anyway, when I try and launch in 16bpp (ie., startx -- -depth 16), it
> tries, and crashes out, saying:
> 	(II) MGA(0): [drm] Sarea 2176+624: 2800
> 	Module called exit() function with value=1
> 	Fatal server error:
> 	Caught signal 11.  Server aborting
> The full log is attached to the end of this message.
> BTW, this is using the mga_drv.o module from the Matrox site (the
> standard X4 one does not work with the G450).
> Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'd hate to have to use my old Voodoo3
> and confine this cool new card to my (ew!) windoze box!
> cheers,
> damon

The driver from matrox is for X 4.01. I got them running for X 4.02  by
getting the matrox source and the X source (debian src package) and
After the compile (wich takes a real long time) i copied
the matrox drivers (mga_drv.o, mga_hal_drv.o) from 
/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/ .
The instructions for compiling are in the matrox-source, you will find
more info in the matrox-forums as stated in another mail.


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