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Re: postgresql 7.0.3 -- but NO plperl ?

will trillich wrote:
  >> ||/ Name           Version      Description
  >> +++-==============-============-==============================
  >> ii  postgresql     7.0.3-4      Object-relational SQL database
  >aha. you're on 7.0.3-4.
  >i'm using potato, so i had to go to samfundet.no/~tfheen for
  >my sources.list to get a postgresql with embedded perl...
  >% dpkg -S plperl
  >postgresql-doc: /usr/share/doc/postgresql-doc/src/pl/plperl/README
  >postgresql-doc: /usr/share/doc/postgresql-doc/src/pl/plperl
  >so apparently there's no plperl.so in the 7.0.3-0potato1 version?
  >i hafta wait a bit, i guess... (i'm trying to connect right now,
  >and several mirrors seem to be down or constipated at the moment)

It's probably quickest for you to build from source.

Get the source from unstable and build it on potato - there should be
no problems, if you check the Build-dependencies before you start.

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