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Re: Old news : Opera Free 4 Linux

On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:13:54PM +0100, William Leese wrote:
> On Monday 05 February 2001 19:13, USM Bish wrote:
> > On Mon, 5 Feb 2001 15:42:59 +0000
> >
> > Anthony Campbell <a.campbell@doctors.org.uk> wrote:
> > > On 05 Feb 2001, Colin Watson wrote:
> > >
> > > Do you need gnome, or will it work with any window manager, e.g. icewm
> > > (in my case)?
> > >
> > > Anthony
> >
> > No, I've been using ver 4.0b4 for about a month now. It should work
> > with any window manager. I have tried it with fvwm, blackbox, kde
> > and window-maker. No window manager related problems whatsoever.
> >
> > USM Bish
> i think he mean't konqueror ;) but the same goes for konqueror aswell, if you 
> install it it will install the necessary kdelibs and should run on any wm.
> still waiting for Opera 4 to go gold, its a hell of allot quicker than 
> konqueror (on a P60 ;)).
> William

No, I mean Opera beta version 4.0b4 ..... I do not have
konquerer on my box.

The thing to be done here is to download the statically 
linked version (since  Opera is linked to kde2),  which 
is not  installed on regular potato boxes.  If you down
load the statically linked version,  you can do without 
installing the kdelibs for kde2. This an issue which is 
independent of window-manager dependence.

I  had  downloaded the beta in .deb  format from one of
the links on www.opera.com ( I think Polish, just don't
remember) in ".deb" format few weeks ago. The main site
at Netherlands was a bit too busy at that time. This is
in response to a subsequent post on this thread.

USM Bish

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