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Re: Problems installing Win4Lin

Adam J Beavan wrote:

> Hi
> Trying to install a downloaded evaluation copy of Win4Lin
> on my debian system version 2.2.17...
> The script install-win4lin.sh runs through OK until it needs
> to install the rpm package Win4Lin-5.1.0ga-1.i386.rpm...
> I get the following error....
> 	from rpm -i Win4Lin-5.1.0ga-1.i386.rpm
> 	error: failed dependencies:
>         /bin/sh   is needed by Win4Lin-5.1.0ga-1
> Have tried using alien which builds a debian package which I
> can subsequently install, but it is not complete because
> /etc/defaults/merge has not been created and this cause the
> install to fail...

Try running `/opt/win4lin/postinst_rpm.sh` manually as root.


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