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Re: Cyrus IMAP/POP +NIS ?


 >     Igor> Not according to my experience. I had problems with NIS RPC
 >     Igor> calls.  Specifically, NIS clients can update NIS passwords
 >     Igor> on master, but cannot update local passwords (eg,
 >     Igor> root). Further, updating on master causes long delays and
 >     Igor> error message that password was NOT updated, while in
 >     Igor> reality it was. If you are interested, I can send detailed
 >     Igor> bug reports.  I did send them to the PAM maintainer Ben
 >     Igor> Collins but didn't get any useful reply. I would be
 >     Igor> interested to hear from anybody who succeeded to use NIS +
 >     Igor> PAM.
 > Sorry, I am confused: How is this related to Cyrus IMAP/POP?

Well, it isn't, at least not directly.
I just wanted to point out that PAM + NIS doesn't works as advertised
and that one should be aware of this. Or, even better, that somebody
who got it working as expected could show me what am I doing wrong.

> If PAM is supported, then NIS should be supported via the pam_unix.so
> PAM module.

In my experience, PAM + NIS authentication works fine which is
probably sufficient for Cyrus IMAP/POP. However, password changing
doesn't work as expected.

-Igor Mozetic

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