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Re: SiS 5597/5598 Video Card

Don't know why anXious did not recognise your card.
Never used it. 

Perhaps, xserver-sis in place of xserver-svga could 
sort out your video support problems.

apt-get install xserver-sis
AFAIK,  this X server supports the SiS 86c201, SiS 86c202, 
SiS 86c205, SiS 5597, SiS 5598, SiS 6326 AGP,  SiS 530/620,  
SiS 540/630 and SiS 300. 

The other SiS chipsets are supported by the xserver-svga 
X server.
USM Bish

On Sat, 3 Feb 2001 19:04:48 -0500
"Keith & Cecile Schooley" <schooleys@desupernet.net> wrote:

> I recently installed Potato (first time using Linux).  I have a SiS
> 5597/5598 video card, which anXious did not recognize.
> So why didn't anXious recognize it?  How do I get video support?
> Thanks for help in advance,
> Keith

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