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Re: debian@home

Hi, it looks like I foregot to copy to ML.
I use ATT@home service in Cupertino, (Northan CA).

One note: if you are using /etc/network/interfaces made with 
woody, they are not compatible with potato.  Be carefull
when downgrading.

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 08:28:18AM -0500, James Di Toro wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > I use @home too but skip using dhcp.  Just set it to fixed ip
> > you may have been unkowingly obtained. (Many cable dhcp operated by 
> > @home are actually fixed ip provided by dhcp.)
> Ya, I was aware of that, and had my static IP programmed in, but if they
> ever decide to switch I didn't want to be wondering why my connection
> wasn't working anymore.

True but I bet they will not do that.  Their installation tech told me so. 
> > My @home account saids it is dhcp based but your instaation bill 
> > have fixed ip printed there.  Yours may be same.  Using this 
> > fixed ip avoids problems even when @home have problem issuing 
> > ip from their dhcpd server to you.
> Well I haven't recived my first bill yet, have only had the service for a
> week.  I woudn't worry about the dhcp servers not working.  I keep the FW
> box up all the time and if your lease 'expires' and a machine can't reach
> a dhcp server it should just keep the cuurrent IP till it can reach a
> server.

Should have said installation WORK ORDER.

> > I remember pump worked on my system though...
> Odd since that was exactly my problem.  Who's your local part of the
> provider.  Mine is Cox.

Yours may be different.  Good luck.


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