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Re: Managing many Debian machines

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 09:42:47AM +0100, Pietro Cagnoni wrote:
> i love dpkg-repack! you can setup a box, then recreate the .deb with
> your settings, and install it anywhere. (ok, my debian network is four
> machines, so this approach may be worth just 0.02$...)

Ahh, thanks for the tip, I had never heard of such thing before.  My plan
was to make a task-custom-setup package to do the actual modifications in

Hmm, it would seem to me that you would need to dpkg-repack packages every
time¹ they get upgraded. Unless you do that before an initial installation,
the customized changes won't be included. Once installed, either way, the
changes persist thanks to the way conffiles are handled.

Anyway, thanks, it's always good to know the alternatives. And you have to
start saving that $1M somewhere... :-)

¹ We will be using sid on some boxes, this is not a real problem with

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