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Re: console-tools installation error

"Martin" == Martin Albert <MartinAlbert@gmx.net> writes:

Martin> On Fri, 02 Feb 2001, Michael Abraham Shulman wrote:
>> Trying to switch from kbd to console-tools (testing distribution), I
>> get this error when configuring console-tools:
>> /var/lib/debconf/config.53881: null: command not found
>> console-tools failed to configure, with exit code 127
>> Any ideas what's wrong?

Martin> Deinstall (dpkg -P kbd) kbd first.

Now when configuring I encounter bug #53091 (a prompt that hangs the
installation script).  I fixed this by installing the version of
console-tools in unstable, rather than testing.  Isn't testing
supposed to be *more* stable than unstable?

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