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xfree86-4 depth question (s3virge)

My system configuration:

debian running unstable, xfree86 version 4, s3virge chipset.. the FAQ in
xfree86 docs say that my chipset (s3virge) is fully supported in xfree86-4 in
color depths of 1,4,5,8,16,24. I am currently running at 8 bit mode. I want to
run at 16 or 24 bit but when I do that my screen looks like there is static
or something...kind of hazy and flickering... I tried adjusting my
horizontal/vertical refresh rates thinking that the problem might lie with my
monitor..no good...even trying to run at the minimum horizontal/vertical refresh rates
doesn't work when I try to run at 16 or 24 bit color depth.

My question is "what's going on here?"

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